Saturday, 2 July 2016

Nail of The Day: Revlon Modern Grace Swatches Review

2 coats of Modern Grace, no top coat.

Direct sunlight

Indoor lighting

"Revlon Modern Grace from the Top Speed collection contains a patented formula which gives a quick, smooth lay down of colour for a super shiny finish in only one minute. The colorPrecise brush works seamlessly with the one coat, while its triangular bristles give a smooth and even salon quality application." - Revlon

Well, I agree! Modern Grace is such a lovely, unique colour that I believe, is hard to dupe! It's a cool toned, deep lavender purple that appears bright yet dark in different lighting. Modern Grace has an almost saturated pastel tone to it, with a hint of white base; common with pastel polishes. One coat provided good coverage, but I went along with two to see its true intensity. The application was smooth, as claimed by Revlon and the finish is definitely no dull matter. Shiny and glossy without top coat. I am three days into its wear and hardly any chips! I intend to see this nail polish lasting well into the week until I take it off. 

I really like how the application was really easy, quick drying, a one coater aided with the thicker brush. I was too lazy for top coat to be honest but I do not see a real need for it. What I really love is the shade. So different, shiny and interesting!



Thursday, 30 June 2016

The mailman has arrived: Unboxing Guerlain perfumes!!

Guess what arrived today??!!

None other than the new-release of Shalimar Cologne
and Mon Precieux Nectar from the exclusive Les Parisiennes line ~!

Let's unpack them now!

The gorgeous new flanker of Shalimar in the classic bottle. 
The big 90ml bottle looks even more gorgeous in real life!
Soft, powdery citrus and musk. In love~

These Guerlain bee bottles never fail to take my breath away. 
Such beauty, such detail~
I have yet to sample Mon Precieux Nectar but will do so once I decant it.
I've heard stories of perfume evaporating from the fabric bulb atomiser. 


Shalimar Cologne is a welcome addition to my line-up of Shalimars (EDP, Initial and Initial L'Eau) and now Mon Precieux Nectar is a bee-bottle sister to Cherry Blossom! 



Friday, 29 April 2016

Fragrance review: Lorenzo Villoresi Alamut


image source: Fragrantica

taken from Lorenzo Villoresi website:

" A warm and sensual fragrance, a journey to the Orient, a fragrant arabesque. 
The rich, opulent and velvety flowers of a Thousand and One Nights, dreams of secret gardens in the moonlight of the fresh Oriental nights. The enveloping scent of rare and precious woods, the seducing embrace of Tonkin Musk, the profound and mysterious aroma of Amber. "


Alamut is balsamic, exotic and fully immersed in a different world. In another era with different sensibilities and avocations.

Opulent resins and amber infuse with a medley of warm, oriental flowers on top of a smooth, grounding base of powdery, dirty musks. Ylang ylang, dusty rose and white florals tuberose and jasmine tangle in this Middle Eastern-inspired escapade. The flowers are rich and indolic, unashamedly so; luring you in with its subtle raunchy, animalic side. The dry down grows evermore balsamic with powdered puffs of sandalwood, labdanum and amber. At times I sense a fantasy note of warm incense, which I believe, is done with a stroke of magic, as if to paint the surrounds of a temple in the Middle-East. This encapsulates a certain spiritual charm that would elicit one to feel comforted and awakened.

Sillage is wondrous and alive in the first hour, but like other Lorenzo Villoresi fragrances, it settles into a moderate sillage for its twelve hours of wear.


Further reading: Alamut Fragrantica


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

OPI This Color's Making Waves Review/Swatches

OPI This Color's Making Waves is part of their Hawaii 2015 Spring collection.

It is a blue/ green with golden shimmer that leans turquoise and teal due to the slight green undertones.

The formula is thin and watery, but is reasonably opaque with two coats. 

^Outdoor lighting

I used two coats with Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat in these swatches and they lasted roughly a week with minor chipping. 

^Indoor lighting

The colour really changes in different lighting, sometimes more green sometimes more blue. It is a really gorgeous colour and I can definitely see myself wearing this in summer. It leads me to imagine the sun shining and bouncing off the azure ocean. Quite fitting for a Hawaii collection!


This Color's Making Waves is part of the Hawaii mini collection which I received as a gift from Rani and her girls during their trip to Hawaii. <3 ~

~ lala

OPI DS Mystery Nail Polish Review and Swatches

DS Mystery was released in 2009, part of the Designer Series (DS) collection.

Mystery is a deep navy purple with ultra-fine gold glitter that never feels rough. The gold glitter is rather subtle and provides an accent to the dark hue. Maybe this is the mystery in which audiences are lured into? In the first coat it was more obviously a dark blue but it transitioned to a vampy blue-toned purple in the second coat. In the photographs, I am wearing two coats without top coat to show you an idea of the real deal. 

(Indoor lighting)

The formula is smooth, easy to apply and dries fast. I experienced great wear without top coat, although I did use Orly's Bonder base coat beforehand, with 3 days without any chipping. I am on my 6th day and my nails look good enough to keep going for the next few days.

(Indoor lighting)

Here is another shot to take into comparison the subtle shade differences that are perceived from a slight change in indoor lighting. The purple is more apparent in the first photograph as the indoor sunlight brings forth the warmer tones, whereas the second picture with less direct sunlight depicts more blue undertones. It can even come across as black in a quick glance or from a distance.


OPI Designer Series Mystery was one of the three OPI nail polishes that I was able to purchase on clearance. The three combined only cost ~$15, which is less than the recommended retail price for one ($20) in Australia. Usually you can find the OPIs for a great price in department store clearance tables and you can literally search for some interesting shades.


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

L'Artisan Nuit de Tubereuse / Mona di Orio Tubereuse Fragrance Reviews

L'Artisan Nuit de Tubereuse / Mona di Orio Tubereuse Fragrance Reviews

Hi, hope you are having a fragrant day. This is a review of two niche perfumes that inspired me... *~*~* Here is a visual delight to have you imagining the scent~

What was compiled in this post was actually inspired by the moment when I tested L'Artisan Nuit de Tubereuse and had a bit of a deja vu moment and discovered that it smelled like and reminded me of Mona di Orio Tubereuse. They definitely have something similar going on and that is what I would be discussing here. Both perfumes celebrate one of my favourite notes - tuberose!

Nuit de Tubereuse scared me with its opening of dominant pink pepper and cloves. I was not ready for such a spicy welcome, especially with my usual tuberose scents. I like them clean, natural and fresh. Very quickly however, it moved on to a flirty tuberose sweetened by a touch of mango nectar. This lends a tropical, humid feel with the fruits, spices and florals. Yummy and sultry, it gets better with time definitely as it becomes sweeter, creamier, softer and a more feminine floral musky skin scent. Don't be afraid of the initial spices like I was, because the pink pepper and cloves do not last long but rather, add an accent to the tuberose note, creating a multi-dimensional oriental floral. This scent is very lovely but I am afraid that I will be draining my sample very quickly!


Tubereuse has a green, spicy and creamy blast at first which makes me think of how this could work very well as a unisex tuberose. As time passes and the scent develops on my skin, i sense green coconuts or coconut water, a gentle reminder of balmy summer days drinking these straight from the fruit. It gets even warmer though as I detect a hint of sunscreen, which I quite like and find surprising in one of Mona di Orio's perfumes. I imagine the rest of her line to be refined and classic like Musc, so colour me confused when I find a scent familiarly modern! As the perfume wears on, I also feel more pink pepper, not my all-time favourite note but I suppose that I can handle it here. Pink pepper is present during the whole duration, a spicy kick to awaken the senses and handle the creaminess from the coconut and sunscreen accord. The dry down is warm, musky and fuzzy in texture from the coconut, amber, heliotrope and white floral ensemble. This is no big white floral bouquet, it is a tuberose plant on holiday, somewhere tropical and humid with fresh coconuts and sunscreen. I recommend Mona di Orio's Tubereuse for both men and women, due to the spiciness from the pink pepper and this deters the composition from being too girly and pretentious. This is the only tuberose scent I own that I would declare it undoubtedly unisex! Perfectly appropriate for any relaxed occasion, try it for yourself.


As I tested NdT for the first time today, it instantly reminded me of Tubereuse. It turns out that they both share some notes in common, one being the tuberose obviously, two, the zingy pink pepper, and three, the musky warmth from both. They differ in that NdT follows a fruity nectar path from the mango with subdued spices, whereas Tubereuse has a green opening that leads to a fresh coconut, then coconut milk, and eventually a musky sunscreen base. I appreciate both for being quite unique interpretations and different as tuberose-driven compositions. It is suggested that you try both Tubereuse and NdT if you are fond of the tuberose note but want to try alternatives.


I hope you enjoyed this review and take a glimpse at their fragrantica fragrance profiles in the links provided. It was definitely an interesting reviewing experience for me, and would love your thoughts on what your most adored notes are in perfume? Tuberose and most florals in general are loved by me!

Smelling great,

x lala

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Maybelline Colour Drama Lipstick Review/Swatches

Hi all, hope you are having a lovely day. Autumn has fallen upon us in the southern hemisphere. This means we are experiencing cooler and crisper weather that is perfect for a full face of makeup without sweating it all off. Ahh! I like to rock a bright matte lippy to accentuate my small lips, and what better way to celebrate the bright lip look?

I grabbed three of these Maybelline Colour Drama lipsticks which are actually chunky lip pencils that work like a lipstick. 

[  I have to complain about the packaging my local Priceline does. They stuck a lethal sticky tape on the product to prevent people mistaking them for testers. Well, sure you got your point across, it cannot be opened...but that residue? It is so persistently sticky and difficult to scrape off! I wanted to take some model shots of these three babies, but nope, they look kind of botched, so the top of the pencil is what I can  manage to show you. Shame though, because for the price at $6.96 it was a great deal!  ]

I bought the Colour Drama Lipsticks in Fab Orange, Red Essential and Berry Much

Above: Outdoor lighting, the colours was hard to photograph and many attempts turned blurry
(L-R: Fab Orange, Red Essential, Berry Much)

Above: Indoor lighting

For a first time user of these kind of lipsticks in this packaging format, it was a bit tricky to apply them. The colour ran over my natural lip line in the first few attempts, however I worked out a better technique to use these pencils. Use the side like you would to shade a drawing. Apply to the centre first, then smoosh your lips together then apply to the remaining edges. Use the tip of the pencil for the small corners of your mouth. I admit, this is a product that you would need a mirror to ensure perfect application.

^Fab Orange
A gorgeous bright, true orange

^Red Essential
Classic, understated red 
(Dupe for NARS Cruella)

^Berry Much
A romantic cool-toned plummy purple that leans slightly vampy.

All colours are intensely pigmented from one swipe, so you have to be careful when you apply them! The pencils have a slightly creamy texture that makes it so easy to apply. The Colour Drama lipsticks can also feel drying on the lips throughout the wear. Make sure you have smooth, moisturised lips or simply apply lip balm as a base. These pencils can transfer onto cups when drinking, however Red Essential and Berry Much stained after removal, which goes to show their excellent longevity. 

Overall, I am very happy with these lipsticks. I think they come at a very fair price at a little under $7 and you can find these in Chemist Warehouse and Priceline. I would recommend all three of the shades I chose. I love the velvety matte finish and their intense pigmentation. They last really long too, but a meal is questionable. On the downside I think you would need to apply these carefully and sharpen the pencil if you want a sharp tip for precision. 

Win win! Go ahead and buy a couple of shades if you love bright matte colours on your lips!

x lala