Sunday, 14 May 2017

Fragrance Review: Reminiscence Patchouli Blanc

Reminiscence Patchouli Blanc

A really soft powdery patchouli, stripped back from its harsh hippie tendencies. Elegant and mild, soft and clean. A bit old fashioned from the aldehydes rather than hippy. Feels like second skin. A lot lighter and airier than I expected.

The bottle’s spray mechanism produces a fine mist, which explains why it smells light and airy, rather than a dense, heavy patchouli and powder. Since it’s so light, I feel I have to plant my nose onto my wrist, sniffing the heck out of it! Really, really subtle. I’d have to go a bit crazy with the sprayer, I reckon!

A blast of star anise when first sprayed, reminding me of mum’s cooking. Slowly, aldehydes unravel itself. Then it comes to its heart stage of patchouli, powder and musk where change in scent is minimal. Dry down is a fluffy, powdery, amber, sandalwood musk. I think I get some vanilla but maybe I am simply imagining it because I’d like it to be there.

A very slight hint of Coromandel, by no means similar but the patchouli I get here in Patchouli Blanc bears similarity to the patchouli in Coromandel. A dialled down, minty facet of patchouli is here.

Very well done perfume! A patchouli scent I can wear anywhere! Really effortless and classy.

*For those new to Reminiscence, the bottle is really interesting, rather than a rectangular shape depicted in pictures online - it actually concaves in! This adds a bit of ‘edge’ to what would otherwise be a boring bottle. I appreciate Reminiscence for being cool like that :)

Friday, 17 February 2017

Scents I loved this SUMMER!~

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Summer is nearly ending! As we head into late February and late summer, all I feel is a slight sadness to farewell this holiday break, yet also an honest relief to feel the mercury drop a bit under 20C... and relish in its cooler change. 

Summer is a tricky time scent-wise, especially if you live somewhere prone to heatwaves and humidity. Perfume is probably one of the last things I would want to anoint myself with when it is getting in the high 30s, early 40s - it happens! Rather than leaving a pleasant smell, any scent can smell rotten and sweaty on the skin!

However, I have discovered two scents that smell its best during the Aussie summertime. The Body Shop's Italian Summer Fig and Penhaligon's Amaranthine. Refreshing, sensual, skin-like scents that leave a sensual trail in the breeze.

Italian Summer Fig is the The Body Shop's take on the cult-favourite Diptyque Philosykos, which is actually a really lovely, crisp yet milky fig. Both the EDT and body mist formulations of Italian Summer Fig are light and gentle in sillage; translucent even. A softer and more fleeting Philosykos, but certainly a great dupe at a very acceptable price. So you won't feel bad about spraying it everywhere, and anywhere you please!

I also bought the body cream during The Body Shop's post-festive season sale. So many good things to be had. You know what, I just checked and much of its stock are still on sale! Quick get onto it! The body mist was something like $9.95 and so was the body cream. 

Personally I've made good use out of this Italian Summer Fig collection this summer, and I just love it. Beautiful sunkissed fig smell. If you've ever had the opportunity to snap a few figs or fig leaves off the plant, you will know this aroma well and this captures it like a charm.  Appropriately named Italian Summer Fig! :) 

Another that has taken me through this summer journey is Penhaligon's Amaranthine. I have already written a short review and mentioned it in my 'Perfumes I loved in 2016' post not long ago. Go check that out :D 

Just effortless, balmy, and sensual but in a relaxed and confident way. I just love the feeling this evokes when I wear this. It really mixes with your skin for that 'lived in' touch. That, is what I say, is an endorsement because not all perfumes can react with your skin in such a way. That kids, is what skin chemistry is! Haha.. I should go teach PERFUME101 and begin lectures for Autumn semester!!! LOL just kidding!


These scents will leave you feeling like you're on holiday - even if you're not!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have had a lovely summer and enjoyed the warmer moments with a few special scents to call your own. :) 
Bye for now! 


Saturday, 7 January 2017

A study of RED lipsticks! Review and swatches!!

I have actually taken photos for this intended post waaaay back! I mean late 2015! Phew! Can you believe it - we're in 2017? 

At that time I bought and came across a few red lipsticks so I took some nice glamour shots and swatches of them! Now's about time I show them off to you :) :P


Here's Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipstick in 325 Rouge Kiss.

I acquired this mini lipstick as part of a Guerlain gift set with any purchase over $120 (?) I bought my beloved L'Heure Bleue Eau de Parfum and love this lipstick just as much! 

This is a reddened coral that has a buildable opacity, a bit like a balm at first but you can apply more to achieve a more saturated colour. This has a dewy, glossy finish but is never 'too much.' There is no noticeable glitter so you can wear this every day and get away with it. It works with any neutral eye look and again, you can build it up. Personally, I throw this in my cosmetic bag and chuck it on when I am on the train to uni. I love mini lipsticks! So easy to apply! Who even finishes an entire lipstick? Not me!! :O

These swatches above are for Guerlain Kiss Kiss 325. From left to right, a gentle swatch, two swatches, and then a more intense 3 swatches. This is to show the buildable intensity.


Illamasqua lipstick in Box

This is gorgeous... truly gorgeous, flattering, perfect scarlet red for those who love a good matte lippy! This is their cult classic shade from IllamasquaA universal shade of red for any skin tone. Where the Guerlain was more coral, this is a definite blue red which will make your teeth look whiter. This is perfect for those who love the vintage, retro pin-up look. Great formula and long-wearing, doesn't bleed into lines, no liner necessary.

As you can see from the swatches above, Box is a bit waxy and uneven at first but this is fine. After a few swipes, its perfect opacity is achieved and boy, is it a stunner! Looks slightly pink in this image but in real life, it leans crimson red. You can also tell it's matte! :) 

You can tell I am quite in love with this... here's to a New Year's resolution to wear Box more often!!


Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Cherries in the Snow

This has a really well-done formula from Revlon. Full opacity in one swipe, great longevity and wear and feels comfortable on the lips... however the shade is just not 'me!' A deep, raspberry pink with berry undertones, that unfortunately leans a bit too pink and cool-toned for my liking. If only it were more red, in my opinion. I do have to say that Cherries in the Snow is a classic shade from Revlon dating back to the 50s! After all, it has stood the test of time, avoiding discontinuation, so there must be some love out there!!?

See, pigmentation = amazing! Maybe I will try to reach for this more this year.


That's the end of it! What kind of red strikes your fancy? May it be the sheerer pop of reds, or the dolled up retro reds? Do you like it with a bit of berry, coral or just the classic red? Matte, glossy, or the now trending, metallic? Hmm... leave your comments below and thank you for reading!! :)

~ lala